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Jan 27, 2014 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: Blast from the Past: Dr. Kenneth "Ramjet" Anderson

Blast from the Past: Dr. Kenneth “Ramjet” Anderson

Dr. Kenneth “Ramjet” Anderson, Karate Institute of America Black Belt #11 (1990) was one of the toughest, most honorable, hard working, and dedicated students in Kiado-Ryu history. A champion fighter, Ramjet exhibited a quiet power and humility. He was never arrogant, never boisterous, never forsaking his Marine Corps military bearing. Ramjet was so tough he went through an entire brown belt testing with broken ribs, a fact not known until another student revealed his injury after the test. Incredible!

Ramjet moved to northern California before he could complete his Black Belt training but traveled back to the Karate Institute of America every few months to complete the curriculum. He earned his 1st Dan Black Belt Rating in 1990. Dr. Anderson is the only person in KIA history to have relocated and yet, through incredible dedication, make the impressive effort to return every few months on a weekend until his mission to be a Kiado-Ryu Black Belt was achieved. Such commitment is a rare jewel.

One of Dr. Anderson’s great character traits was his dedication. He was relentless in his preparation for every test he took. Of his enormous effort, Mr. King has said that no one in Kiado-Ryu history has prepared harder and more thoroughly than Ramjet. His dignity, character, work ethic, skill, manners, courage, and toughness are legend. We are enormously proud and honored to have Dr. Kenneth “Ramjet” Anderson as one of our own.

Thanks, Ramjet, for your energy, character, ethics, ethos, and the memories! Oh, those memories! We are all proud that you are part of our rich Kiado-Ryu legacy!