Mar 16, 2015 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: KIA Black Belt, Archer, Banker, Hubby

KIA Black Belt, Archer, Banker, Hubby

Husband to Champion Archer, Rose “Renegade” Hoberg (KIA Black Belt #12) is Kurt “Raphael” Hoberg (KIA Black Belt #21). Rose and Kurt actually met through the Karate Institute of America via Kurt’s mother. They dated, fell in love, married and as they say, “The rest is history.”

Kurt, like his champion wife, is also a competitive archer. Both of them have qualified to compete in the Senior Games in Minneapolis, MN, in July. We’re certain they will do well. After all, they’re KIA Black Belts!

Besides practicing his archery skills, Raphael manages an online banking firm’s Application Operations Center, keeping things working smoothly. He is also the President of their local archery club, the Conejo Valley Archers.

The photo next to his archery pic is Raphael back in the day (1991) performing during a KIA function. He was awarded his 1st Dan Black Belt rating in 1992.

Another interesting piece of history is that Rose is the KIA’s 12th Black Belt and Kurt is its 21st Black Belt. How perfect is that - 12 and 21, married, having met at the Karate Institute of America.

Thanks you two. We appreciate your update and will share more soon.

Karate photo of Kurt Hoberg is owned and copyrighted by Genny “Cougar” Edge.