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Jul 20, 2015 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: Patton, the KIA & Life

Patton, the KIA & Life

General George Patton is one of the greatest military generals in United States history. He was a major factor in the defeat of the Nazi regime in Europe during World War II.

Patton has many memorable quotes which resonate with of the principles of the Karate Institute of America and to life in general, one of which is this . . .

In war the only sure defense is offense.

Kiado-Ryu philosophy can testify to the veracity of this statement, not only in combat but in day-to-day living. Why? Because life is conflict, it is struggle. Life is full of adversity of all kinds. When we are confronted with any challenge, if we remain passive, there is the likelihood the problems associated with such challenges will overwhelm us. However, if we attack our problems, our challenges, we become empowered. We do so because we take charge of the situation and dominate it rather than it dominating us, overwhelming us. This is why one’s concept of defense must remain offensive. It may seem to be oxymoronic, but it is, nonetheless, a truism, not only in combat but in life itself.