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Aug 3, 2015 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: Lightning Works

Lightning Works

Ciaran, aka “Lightning,” moves from the Acquisition stage of his Karate Institute of America education to the Integration process - doing the practice. In the left photo he works his hand-checking skills with an overhand hook. He must be having fun if the smile on his face is any indication.

In the right photo, Lightning practices his knee strike. Notice his concentration in both pics. Given his parental heritage, Ciaran has the potential of being a great athlete. His mother and father were both athletic standouts - his mom in soccer; his dad in ice-hockey.

Lightning has already shown great promise. Right from birth he could sling a ball with either hand, swing a kid’s golf club with amazing power and strike a puck with equal intensity. And . . . he always loved to go fast. He really never learned to walk, he ran, everywhere. That’s how he acquired the callsign “Lightning.” He was always on the go. So . . . go get ‘em, Lightning! The world awaits!