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Aug 10, 2015 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: Sun Tzu on War

Sun Tzu on War

What student of the Karate Institute of America does not recognize this quote from the ancient Chinese warlord Sun Tzu . . .

War is a grave concern of the state; it must be thoroughly studied.

(Sun Tzu - The Art of War, translated by Samuel B. Griffith)

This statement underscores the critical importance of not just studying martial arts but studying it thoroughly.

As KIA students also know, and as The Black Belt Book of Life teaches, “Martial arts is life.” Therefore, the admonition of Sun Tzu that “War . . . must be thoroughly studied” applies to everything we do in life if we want to succeed. Being mediocre, doing things haphazardly, not paying attention to details, not being serious about succeeding, etc., will not guarantee success. Whatever it is we choose to do, if we wish to succeed, we must not simply study it; we must study it thoroughly.