Aug 24, 2015 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: American Rambo, His Valiant Wife, and Global Grins

American Rambo, His Valiant Wife, and Global Grins

What a wonderful and nostalgic reunion with Todd “American Rambo” Miller. Todd studied at the Karate Institute of America in the early 1980s when he was simultaneously studying at USC where he graduated cum laude from the Real Estate Finance Program at the Marshall School of Business. He is now the owner of Western States Technologies in Irvine, CA. Todd is also a Gold Medalist and National Champion in Adult/Senior volleyball, as well as serving on the Board of Trustees for the renowned Semester at Sea collegiate program.

Adult National Championships

Todd and his lovely wife, Jos (also a USC alum) are the co-founders of, a philanthropic charity which donates free toothbrushes to those in need around the world. Interestingly, 100% of donations to are used to pay for the toothbrushes. Not one cent goes to administrative costs. How generous and rare is that? If you’d like, feel to donate to Remember, Todd and Jos take no proceeds for themselves. All of the donations go to funding and distributing needed toothbrushes throughout the world.

Todd and Jos Miller

Jos is also quite an accomplished individual and, with Todd, a world traveler. She has visited over 90 countries. On the challenging side, she was suffering greatly from Shulman’s Syndrome & Aplastic Anemia for years. Her fight and ultimate triumph over this horrendous disease has been so inspirational that her story is being consider for both a book and a documentary movie. She has chronicled her struggle and triumph in her blog. You might want to check it out. It is, truly, an amazing story of her and her husband’s struggle and ultimate victory.

Needless to say, we at the Karate Institute of America are deeply proud of Todd and Jos and wish them goodness and health in their future.