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Nov 2, 2015 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: Blue Belt Blonde Barracuda

Blue Belt Blonde Barracuda

Congratulations to Zemia “Barracuda” Garrett on the accomplishment of her Blue Belt on 28 October! Zemia is extremely dedicated and has worked diligently to achieve her new rank at the Karate Institute of America.

Besides her diligence and dedication, another remarkable talent Barracuda exhibits is her fiery and feisty competitiveness. She can really turn up the heat when she fights, clearly holding her own with any dude.

And power? Ouch! She has devastating crossover rear kicks and beautiful roundhouse kicks with both legs. Her hand technique and speed are improving greatly, and she definitely has knockout power in both hands.

We look forward to Zemia’s continuing KIA journey. Next stop, Green Belt!

Posing with Zemia are Mr. King (left) and Kim “Cultivator” Thomas (right).