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Nov 23, 2015 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: How to Survive a Terrorist Attack

How to Survive a Terrorist Attack

Following is great advice on dealing with a terrorist attack from former Navy Seal, Brandon Webb, and Army Ranger, Jack Murphy, authors of The Isis Solution.

Information courtesy of an interview with Brandon Webb and Jack Murphy with host Megyn Kelly on the FOX News network.

How to survive a terrorist attack

  1. RUN for COVER. “Get off the X” as they say in the Special Ops community. The “X” is the Point of Impact. Get away from there and create DISTANCE.
  2. Make a DECISION. Do not just sit there.
  3. Usually gunman are inexperienced. Often they don’t know how to change their magazines efficiently. Listen for the lull in fire, then run and create that space, which is very important. The odds are heavily in your favor if you run. Terrorists are usually amateurs, not very well trained, they’re just out there free-lancing doing their own thing, and their odds of actually hitting you with un-aimed fire is pretty low. The odds of hitting a moving target are tremendously small. It’s very challenging for a sniper to hit a moving target, let alone an amateur.
  4. If you have no other option when confronted with a terrorist, you have to fight. Grab the barrel of the gun, get out of the way. If you can’t or choose not to carry a firearm, consider a high lumen flash light which will flash blind someone and create enough distance to get away.
  5. Surviving a grenade. Grenades tend to explode upward with fragmentation going upward in a “V” pattern generally from chest level up. Therefore, get low and roll away if possible.
  6. Making any decision is better than making no decision. Run left, run right, run forward, run back, run in zig-zag pattern but DON’T FREEZE UP.
  7. Mentally rehearse. See yourself in a particular situation and how you would successfully react to it given the info above. Close your eyes and imagine yourselves in a given scenario. Rehearse it a few times so you’ve already practiced in your mind.
  8. When getting behind cover, get behind something that is solid and which a bullet will not penetrate, i.e., trash cans do not make good cover.