Jul 25, 2016 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: Hannibal's Purple Horizon

Hannah “Hannibal” Shamassian has been spying a Purple Horizon for some time now. On 21 July 2016, she crossed that horizon through great determination, persistence and an undying will—all met to the thunderous applause and approval of those who witnessed her accomplishment. Way to go, Hannah! Great job! You are truly an inspiration, the epitome of persistence and the manifestation of the great British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s eternal words: Never, never, never, never give up!

These first few photos show Hannah prepping for her test. She’s not a little girl any more. She’s grown into a lovely young woman, who now has acquired her driving permit!

Unfortunately, no photos were taken during Hannah’s test. People were fixated on watching her multi-layer performance of kata, basic fundamentals, kicks, fighting skills and 360 drills. Following are photos of her large family support base, many of whom dressed with purple accoutrements to support her in her quest for a Purple Belt. What a great family and one with such a great collective, supportive, nurturing HEART!

Hannah’s extended family. Such sincere and generous support.

Hannah’s immediate family. Mr. Shamassian, Hannah, Mrs. Shamassian and brother Josh.

Proud moment! Mr. Shamassian, Mr. King, Hannah, Mrs. Shamassian, brother Josh

Hannah with the three attending Black Belts: Tristan “Raptor” Ligtvoet, Mr. King, Hannah, Master Kim “Cultivator” Thomas.

You’re awesome, Hannah, and a true inspiration! Keep up the great work. We all benefit from your determination to achieve by never, ever quitting! You are a great tribute to the Karate Institute of America and the Kiado-Ryu system of martial arts.