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Aug 15, 2016 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: Just Call Her "Nuke"

She’s known to her friends as Lauren; to her former AP teachers as Ms. Haller; to her boyfriend, Kiado-Ryu Black Belt #64, Tristan “Raptor” Ligtvoet, as his gorgeous girlfriend. However, to the Karate Institute of America she’s known by her callsign, “Nuke.”

Why “Nuke?” Just take a couple of her back kicks to any part of your body and you’ll know why, painfully, if not worse! That is if you’re still standing . . . and conscious.

Lauren “Nuke” Haller was an athlete and honor student in high school; now off to college. She’s an excellent example of what it is to be a self-motivated, responsible, respectful, intelligent, mature, hard working and optimistic young woman. Always manifesting an embracing smile, Nuke is a tribute to those of her generation.

Nuke learning the basics of punching.

Raptor and Nuke—a well-suited and gorgeous couple. Having met in high school, they are now off to college!

How beautiful is this couple! Here they are on prom night. Those smiles are truly genuine. No false posing here.

And another one just for fun. So purely innocent.

These two young people—Lauren Haller and Tristan Ligtvoet—are the kind of individuals that give hope to humanity. They are both highly intelligent, kind, caring, respectful, responsible, honest, hard-working, and loyal. Both of them are 1st Class all the way.

The KIA has been extremely blessed to have Raptor and his family as part of our family for a decade. Now, his loving girlfriend, Lauren, is joining him at the KIA.

Nuke did not get her callsign for being wimpish. And she didn’t name herself. She earned that moniker as a result of the immense raw power she generates. And don’t be fooled by that beautiful smile. Lauren “Nuke” Haller is one tough chick you definitely want on your side! We at the KIA are grateful to have her join our martial arts family and look forward to sharing in her Kiado-Ryu progress.