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Sep 5, 2016 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: A Barracuda From the Past

As is well known to KIA students, our current “Barracuda” is blue belt Zemia Garrett. However, in the early days of the KIA, Ryan Allen also claimed the callsign “Barracuda.”

Ryan studied with the Karate Institute of America from approximately 1989 to 1991. He achieved his Orange belt under the tutelage of KIA Black Belt Greg “Maddog” Bendel, one of the KIA’s chief instructors at the time.

To this day, Ryan “Barracuda” Allen has wonderful memories of the KIA. He says,

“I took many great wisdoms from the KIA that I apply to my life daily and have been for years. The place (KIA) was so very stable and had so many wonderful people and great leadership.”

During the last quarter century, Ryan has led an exciting and mercurial life. Being a lover of flying, Ryan landed a job with Delta airlines in January of 2001. He began as a feeder carrier pilot flying 30 passenger turboprops and later moved to 50, 70, 90 passenger jets and then on to the “big time.” As he says, he’s now a “big time airline guy.” In other words, a “Black Belt level commercial pilot!”

Ryan and his wife, Mara, have three kids - Kate, Cullen and Reagan. Cute photos below.

Mara with youngest daughter Reagan.

Cullen and Kate. What cute kids!

Ryan taking time to relax in the great outdoors.

Ryan is now 43, has been studying Kajukenbo for two years with a goal to achieve his Black Belt rating by age 50, which I’m sure he will do!

How great it is for the KIA’s former students to reconnect and share their life updates with us. We are extremely proud of Ryan for taking the time and having the grace to let us know how his life and destiny have unfolded, obviously with great success - personally and professionally. We wish him, Mara and the kids a beautiful and happy future. Thanks, Ryan!