Dec 5, 2016 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: A Super Stud & Star On The Horizon!

The Karate Institute of America has a new star on the horizon, but it isn’t a martial arts star, at least not yet. Who is it?

Pictured with Mr. King is his eldest grandson, Ciaran, aka Lightning, a hockey stud and star on the horizon! This pic was taken in October at a Saturday morning practice at the local hockey rink in the Boston area.

And is this kid ever a stud! At only six years old he’s skating like a champ already. He’s fast, quick, intense and skilled. How could he not be? His dad, Dan, was a university hockey goalie who was also a semi-pro athlete, playing his hockey in the United States, France and Sweden. His mom, Chandra, not to be out done, was a star forward on her university soccer team. So…Lightning has a great lineage behind him, and it’s showing!

But every star needs fans, right? Pictured with Lightning, are his brother, Rory, aka, Thunder, his sister, Meara, aka, Stormy and Papa King. Early signs show that Ciaran’s siblings are quite talented and tough, too. Should be wonderful watching them grow and succeed. Great fun!

This photo was taken on Lightning’s first day of school. Precious. Great memories!

But, of course, up and coming studs and stars need to hit the books! Education is critical to a well-balanced and productive life.

It won’t be long before the world is hearing shouts of “Lightning strikes again!” in hockey stadiums everywhere. Go Ciaran!