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Dec 12, 2016 - Photos of the Week


It was a very special night at Steve Vertun’s Segue office party, as four Karate Institute of America Black Belts were reunited for a wonderful Christmas reunion.

Coyote’s business, Segue, is dynamically successful due to his exceptional leadership and managerial skill. Plus, as was evident, his staff reflects qualities of excellence, loyalty, hard work and business acumen, like their boss. It was an inspiring evening to be around such a body of people.

Pictured from left to right are KIA Black Belts Steve “Coyote” Vertun (#39), Richard “Whitefire” King (Founder & Grandmaster), Jerry “Shuto” Alston (#28), and Clark “Flash” Hyman (#16).

The following photo, the better of the two pictures of course, highlights their lovely, gracious, talented and supportive wives.

From left to right are: Laura Vertun (wearing the gold dress), Dawn Alston (wearing the full body gray sweater), and Gwen Hyman (wearing the red blouse).

These moments are extremely special, and getting more special by the day. This life is not forever. Such gatherings are to be beautifully cherished for what they represent—great and loving memories and genuine, substantive, enduring relationships. This evening, thanks to Steve and Laura Vertun, was a true testament to the quality and connection of the KIA Family, its History and Legacy.