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Jan 16, 2017 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: Tough Dude Attitude vs. Educated Fighter

Billed with high expectations, the Ronda Rousey/Amanda Nunes fight was UFC’s 207th main event showcase. It was held on 30 December 2016, in Las Vegas.

It was Rousey’s first fight since being knocked out via the striking arsenal of Holly Holm on 15 November 2015, when Holm’s left roundhouse kick to the head topped off the final blow to “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey in the second round, leading to her devastating defeat in the octagon during UFC 193 and further leading to her loss of the women’s UFC World Bantamweight Championship title.

So much for titles. Amanda Nunes TKO’d Rousey in the first minute of their fight! The four photo collage reveals at least a minimum of one thousand words as to why Rousey lost.

Tough Dude Attitude vs. Educated Fighter

Holly Holm’s knockout of Rousey in the second round of their fight:

In watching these fights, the teachings of Sun Tzu come to mind. His opening statement in his masterpiece, The Art of War states:

War is a grave concern of the state. It must be thoroughly studied.

Notice the emphasis, not just on studied, but thoroughly studied.

Fighting is not about acting like a tough guy with a foul mouth and bad attitude, as is the modus operandi of so many fighters, including “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey.

Fighting is based on thinking, first and foremost. An educated fighter of ordinary athleticism will beat an ignorant jock every time. It is not brawn that wins victories. It is brain. Yet, as old as this fact is, some fighters, in fact a lot of them, still think acting like a tough guy with an attitude will be the ticket to triumph. Instead, acting tough alone is a true ticket to the trough of the thoroughly vanquished.

Given this understanding, test your fighting knowledge. After watching the Nunes/Rousey fight video linked above, how many KIA fighting principles did Rousey violate that resulted in her devastating defeat within her “comeback” fight with Nunes?

  1. Violated distance?
  2. Never moved off line? Moved at all? Footwork?
  3. Never escaped when she could have?
  4. Never used an effective guard or cover block when in trouble?
  5. Was too passive?
  6. Let Nunes set the tempo and mood?
  7. Let Nunes control the fight?
  8. Got involved in a slug fest?
  9. No hand checking or attempt to nullify Nunes’ punches?
  10. Death steps? When was there ever not a death step?
  11. Where was Rousey’s strategy? Tactics? Skills? Fight plan?
  12. Where was Sun Tzu?

As far as “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey is concerned, Sun Tzu was absent, and his vaunted teachings, which have been heralded for 2500 years and taught in major military academies around the world, were conspicuously absent. When will fighters ever learn that war is based on applied knowledge; that knowledge is based on study, study that must be thorough? Going into battle armed with only a tough dude attitude and mean facial expression is nothing more than a guaranteed formula for defeat, and it is the reason why so many so-called tough guys go down in flames, or worse.

A reflection from Dr. Samuel Johnson in his Vanity of Human Wishes warrants memorizing:

Unnumbered suppliants crowd Preferment’s Gate Athirst for wealth and burning to be great; Delusive Fortune hears the incessant call - They rise, they shine, evaporate and fall!

The moral of the story: if you’re going to be a successful fighter, you’d better do your homework and prepare properly. Knowledge is power, and although some people think ignorance is bliss, it is not. Ignorance is the root cause of failure and defeat. Preparation is the key success, and if we fail to prepare, we prepare to fail. Bank on it! We must absolutely study fighting thoroughly to be a great fighter. There’s no other option.

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