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Mar 20, 2017 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: A Walk Down Goldilocks Lane

Nicole “Goldilocks” Hackler has been a staunch KIA family member since the 1980s when her husband, Warren, a United States Marine, was stationed at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro. Times have changed a bit, but here is a photo of them at a U.S. Marine Corps function looking beautiful and handsome. Such a power couple!

Time marches on. The following photo of four lovely and talented KIA women was taken in the 1990s. Behind a kneeling Goldilocks are (left to right: Heather Corn (now Riggs), Liz Eckes (now Avrams), and Christa King (now Jacob).

Oftentimes, great friendships were forged at the Karate Institute of America. These next photos are of the “Three Amigas”—Nicole and her twin buddies—Jenny and Lori Brown.

And a luncheon date with Whitefire on one of Goldilock’s visits to SoCal.

Nicole “Goldilocks” Hackler is a high-level engineer living on the East Coast with her retired Marine Corps hubby, Warren, who, having served multiple deployments in the Middle East, returned safely, thank God.

Goldilocks was close to being a Black Belt when Warren was reassigned from the West Coast to the East Coast. There is absolutely no doubt she would have become a KIA Black Belt had she remained in SoCal. She is a remarkable woman, highly intelligent, tough (she manages road crews awash in men and male energy), talented, lovely, and just an all-around first class lady. We greatly miss her at the KIA, but her effusive and radiant energy will always be a viable part of the legacy and history of the Karate Institute of America.