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Apr 3, 2017 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: Hannibal's Father-Daughter Moments: Priceless!

The KIA’s own Hannah “Hannibal” has some fun with her dad, driving him backward on multiple occasions with powerful kicks.

In this first pic, Hannah drives her Pops back with a front kick. Nice extension, too!

Next, she pummels him with a roundhouse kick. Oh, my! Who knew such a diminutive young woman could deliver such power! Notice how she knocked her father off balance? Very cool!

And then—here comes the thunder! Hannah delivers a cross-over back kick. Dad’s comment: “Ouch! That’s a rib!”

Our sweet Hannah is really getting strong, too. Just take a look at the perfect form on her push-ups. Check out that straight back! Beautiful! She’s knocked off twenty, yes twenty, of these perfect push-ups at one time! Awesome! Okay, guys. Your turn. Let’s see if can you compete with Hannibal for form! She’s turning into quite a dynamo! Her number one asset—determination! This young woman just never quits. She is indefatigable, tenacious, courageous, and unyielding! She is definitely KIA true - through and through! We are so very proud of Hannah and her drive. If only all young people had her character! How awesome would that be?! Luckily, she’s one of our own. Priceless!

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