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May 8, 2017 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: One & Done

Black Belt vs. Pimp (Knowledge vs. Stupidity)

Movies are filled with fight scenes that go on forever and ever, giving people the illusion that such extended engagements are the reality of street fights. Not so when a well-trained Black Belt is involved.

The following four-part screen cap (video) reveals how knowledge triumphs in many situations, and in this case it is “one and done.” As the narration of the video states, the black dude is a pimp who assaults a Black Belt named Jay Lee, who, upon assault from the pimp, preempts the attacker and knocks the dude out with one blow, in what appears to be a lead armbar to the head/neck area.

Photo #1. Pimp aggresses against the Black Belt (Jay Lee). Notice JL’s stance—sideways and relaxed.

Photos #2 & #3. Pimp continues his aggression, closes the distance, arms down—a major “No-No!”

Photo #4. Jay Lee stops the attacker with a preemptive blow to the head/neck area with what appears to be an armbar.

A “one & done” knockout occurs. Check out the video. Arrogance, ignorance and aggression are a hazardous triumvirate to be sure!

This video teaches many things, and certainly one of the most salient truths is that knowledge is power and ignorance is certainly not bliss!

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