May 22, 2017 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: KIA Authoress Lands Chicken Soup For The Soul Inclusion In its 2017 "Military Families" Edition!

Nicole “Goldilocks” Hackler—KIA Faithful and Marine Corps wife to retired husband, Warren—has added the title of “Authoress” to her many accomplishments. Congratulations, Goldilocks!

Nicole’s poem, A Knock on the Door, is included in the 2017 edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Military Families, 101 Stories about the Force Behind the Forces.

Lovely as always, and with her contagious effervescent personality, as always, Goldilocks poses with the book that has put her on the map of published authors. Her poem, A Knock on the Door, is featured on pages 116117. It is a poignant poetic description of the fear that every military wife or spouse dreads—a knock on the door, a knock which can change one’s life in the blink of an eye, a knock whose potential message makes one’s heart stop cold. Her poem skillfully captures the haunting and frightening feeling that explodes when one hears that “knock.”

“The best thing about all this,” she states, is that “All royalties from the book are donated to the USO, an organization that is near and dear to both my heart and Warren’s.” The book is available at Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle for under $10, which can be found by following the link above.

Such a wonderful, meaningful and well-deserved contribution, Goldilocks! We are immensely proud of you, your literary skills, and being the wife of a United States Marine. The KIA knows all too well the immense sacrifices military wives, spouses, and families make which most often go unrecognized. Thanks for your creative efforts, and may this initial foray into publishing set you on the road to greater authorial accomplishments!