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Jun 5, 2017 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: Striker's on the Move—Upward!

Judy “Striker” Gompf is back on track and on the move toward her Purple Belt and a new career. Having taken some time off, she is diligently practicing her Kiado-Ryu forms, techniques, and fighting skills, as well as cross training. She recently set a new personal best of 800 lunges! That’s right, 800! Quite a feat, especially after only being able to do 20 lunges at a time when she first started. Talk about determination! She’s got it in spades. As a result, there’s a massive amount of strength in Striker’s legs, so don’t get kicked!

Every KIA student should recognize the following pose. In which kata is it the centerpiece? Nice artistry—both in karate form and photographic composition.

Can’t forget those hard bows! What a great park to work out in!

Wouldn’t want to get hit with that knife-edge kick! Ouch! Remember the 800 lunges?

Judy is a single mom of two and a real California surfer chick (her hometown is Laguna Beach!). She has worked in the legal field for nearly two decades and is now applying her talents to the real estate business as an agent with Keller-Williams Realty out of their Mission Viejo office. Being a true SoCal/Laguna Beach resident her whole life, nobody knows the South Coast like the KIA’s own Judy “Striker” Gompf. If you need help with your real estate needs, her contact info is:; cell 949-813-9430. The Karate Institute of America wishes Striker all the best in this new phase of her life’s journey!

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