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Dec 18, 2017 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: Daunting & Dangerous KIA Damsels

Honing their hand-checking skills are Blue Belt Zemia “Barracuda” Garrett (right) and Purple Belt Judy “Striker” Gompf (left).

These two professional ladies are, to be sure, daunting, dangerous damsels. They have power, skill and intent. Athletically, Barracuda has a softball background; Striker a surfer and tennis background. They know how to use their bodies to deliver maximum damage to a target, and if their lives and/or well-beings are threatened they would have no compunction about using maximum force on their assailants to protect themselves.

No sloppy guards here, nor wandering eyes. Their fighting focus is scope-locked and on target.

Those knee strikes would not be welcomed by any assailant, not to mention the follow-up palm, fist, elbow and armbar strikes!

Barracuda and Striker are making excellent progress in their martial arts training. As mature, professional, accomplished women they understand the value of patience, determination and persistence. Believe me, if you were ever in a fight you’d definitely want them on your side! They are truly daunting and dangerous damsels of the Karate Institute of America!