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Feb 5, 2018 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: Raptor's 2nd Dan

CONGRATULATIONS, RAPTOR!2nd Dan Kiado-Ryu Black Belt

Congratulations to Tristan “Raptor” Ligtvoet on the accomplishment of his Karate Institute of America 2nd Dan Black Belt rating.

Raptor, the 64th Black Belt of the KIA, is one of the finest human beings you could ever know. An exceptional young man, he has also become an exceptional martial artist. The KIA is very lucky to have Tristan, his talent, character, and skill in our family. Thanks, too, to his parents, Atousa and Ed, for raising such an exemplary young man!

Remember these photos when Tristan was a young boy and beginning his Kiado-Ryu journey? Cute kid, eh?

Lots of focus that really paid off!

That was then, and now, just eight weeks away from being twenty years old, Raptor has become a handsome young man and a stud 2nd Dan Kiado-Ryu Black Belt! How the children do grow up!

Raptor proudly poses with our old buddy, Bob. Remember the photo above when he was striking Bob’s throat? Such a change, and a wonderful one at that.

No. That’s really not a black eye! It’s just a shadow.

Pretty cool juxtaposition. It puts the long journey from White to Black in perspective.

Nice looking tabs, Raptor. Next stop, 3rd Dan!