Apr 16, 2018 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: Kiado-Ryu Martial Arts Competition Mantra

During its highly successful competitive era, Kiado-Ryu Martial Arts and the Karate Institute of America utilized the following mantra for motivation. It certainly worked. The KIA was so successful that a mother, whose children studied in another karate system, stopped Ken “Ramjet” Rogers (now Anderson) as he walked through the tournament crowd. She said, quite frankly, “You’re going to win.” Ramjet asked why. She retorted, “Because people with that patch always win!”

Thanks, everyone, especially all of you competitors, for the outstanding legacy you have created at the Karate Institute of America. You put us on the map as one of the finest martial arts systems in the nation!

Kiado-Ryu Martial Arts Competition Mantra