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Apr 23, 2018 - Photos of the Week

Photo of the Week: General George Patton - White Tie & Tails

General George Patton was one of the most iconic military leaders in history. And what do “White Tie and Tails” have to do with this vaunted martial leader?

Patton states:

I always believe in being prepared, even when I’m dressed in white tie and tails.

General George Patton - White Tie & Tails

In other words, “No matter where I am or how I’m dressed, I’m always prepared to fight.”

From a personal standpoint, are we prepared to such a level? When we go to a movie, are we prepared to confront an assailant? When we’re driving on the road, shopping in the mall, going to our kids athletic event, visiting a loved one in the hospital, getting groceries at the corner store or a cup of coffee at the neighborhood coffee vendor, enjoying the fun at an amusement park, are we constantly alert to the potential of trouble in some capacity? Yes? No?

To be prepared is not being paranoid. It is to court common sense. We may not like it but we’re living in a continuously dangerous world, and if we forget to always be prepared for any emergency, we’re risking not only our very lives but those whom we love and who look to us for protection.

Therefore, one of the fundamental principles of the Karate Institute of America and the Kiado-Ryu system of marital arts is that If we fail to prepare, we prepare to fail. Preparation is not an option. It is a mandated necessity for those who choose to live as safe a life as possible.