Black Belt #10: Eric Vind

Eric “EV” Vind was one of the first students at the KIA. A respectful and well-mannered young man in his mid teens, Eric was a dynamic student whom Mr. King appreciated having at the original studio on Via Fabricante Street in Mission Viejo.

Eric was extremely creative and innovative, always offering ways to make something better. He loved self-defense techniques and forms. He had a flair for the original and for working with weapons. He also loved to help others and was a true leader.

One memorable story regarding Eric was when he was practicing with double nunchucks one night. Since the early studio had no mirrors, Eric was using the windows as a reflective device. Mr. King was standing behind his back watching as Eric whirled and twirled the chucks. All of a sudden, Eric stopped and turned around to face Mr. King. Blood was streaming down his face. Eric had cut his face open with the end of one of the chucks and the amazing thing of note is that the chucks never wavered in their trajectory, underscoring their ever-present danger! Eric recovered and will always be remembered as a respectful, creative and talented martial artist.

Sadly, Eric died in 2005 from kidney failure as a result of type II diabetes. He was only forty-two. Truly, his life was short, but his spirit blessed many people and he will always be remembered as one of the truly gentle and great souls of the Kiado-Ryu.