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Black Belt #12: Rose Hoberg

Resilience. Rose “Renegade” Hoberg epitomizes what it is to be resilient. Many times during her journey to Black Belt she could have quit (lesser individuals would have), but she never did. Her coronation was not just the crowning of her being the twelfth Black Belt of the Kiado-Ryu, it was also a tribute to the conquest of her persistence.

Renegade also has the distinction of being the first adult female to attain the rank of Black Belt at the Karate Institute of America, thus opening the door for other women to follow in her footsteps.

Rose met her husband, Kurt Hoburg, at the KIA. Interestingly, she is the 12th Black Belt and her husband is the 21st, the numerals reversed. And there is an interesting story here. Years before she ever met Kurt, she was photographed in a group karate class photograph, kneeling side-by-side with her future mother-in-law! Little did either woman know at the time they would one day be in-laws!