Mar 28, 2016 - Photos of the Week

KIA National Forms Champion, CEO & Successful Entrepreneur

Our KIA feature of the week highlights another National Forms Champion who is also Founder and CEO of a very successful business enterprise.

Steve “Coyote” Vertun, Kiado-Ryu Black Belt #39, received his 1st Dan rating in December of 1995.

With a determined, relentless, never-give-up mindset, Coyote won the Brown Belt Forms Championship in 1993, a competitive circuit of thirteen major United States cities. Steve is one of four Karate Institute of America students to win a coveted national martial arts championship hosted by the North American Sports Karate Association (NASKA). The other three are Doug Krause, Steven Ho and Steve Maynock.

Magazine Cover of Coyote

Steve Vertun’s success in life is not restricted to the world of martial arts. He is the Founder and CEO of Segue, a Lake Forest–based company which “designs, implements and executes cutting-edge Reverse Logistics strategies and processes” for businesses, a company which Steve is proud to say is now in its twenty-eighth year! Quite an accomplishment, indeed.

Coyote Segue

Segue is not a small company either. It’s huge and befits a man whose spirit, courage, business acumen and success are worthy of its size and stature.

Coyote Segue Full

Steve “Coyote” Vertun’s accomplishments are not limited to business and martial arts. He is also an accomplished guitarist and lead singer for his own band, a “hot yoga” instructor, long-distance runner, husband and father—quite a lot of talent for one man, for one extremely accomplished and successful man. We’re deeply grateful that Coyote is one of our very own Kiado-Ryu Black Belts!