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Jul 15, 2019 - Feature of the Week

Kiado-Ryu "Gun Fu" Thank Yous

There is an art to the “gun,” just as there is an art to the fist, the open hand, the kick, the knife, the sword, etc. There is also a science to the “gun,” to its usage and application. Thankfully, there are great and generous friends who have blessed Whitefire and the KIA with their tremendous gifts and loving support.

Among the most generous and devout families in the history of the Karate Institute of America are the Griffins. Pictured below are Mountain Man James (in the hat, KIA Black Belt #60) and Ben (in the tie). Not pictured are Mr. and Mrs. Griffin, Anna (KIA Black Belt #55), Joel and Josh. Except for Ben, who is a lawyer in Orange County, the rest of the family has moved to the stunning beauty of Idaho.

(Photo taken in Lake Forest, CA, on gifting day—5 November 2018)

The Griffin family is as patriotic as they come. In their support of the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and as a beautiful act of appreciation to Whitefire, they gifted him a Glock 19 firearm, fully inscribed with his callsign, the KIA logo and Biblical scripture. What a precious, thoughtful and meaningful gift! Thank you, Griffin Family!

For security reasons the actual firearm is not pictured, but here is a stock photo of the Glock 19 courtesy of

In his generosity, 2nd Dan Greg “Maddog” Bendel (14th Black Belt of the KIA), and one of the finest instructors in its history, gave Whitefire his first firearm lesson at the “On-Target” shooting range in Laguna Niguel. Thank you, Greg! Maddog has been a volunteer with the Orange Country Sheriff’s Department for decades and is now working in Search and Rescue Operations. His generosity of time and knowledge are very much appreciated.

(Photo taken on 6 June 2019)

On a personal note, I must say I am overwhelmed and grateful by the generosity and thoughtfulness, not only of the Griffin Family and Mr. Bendel, but of all of you who have remained in touch over all these forty years. You have blessed me with a life of wonderful memories and a time that was truly golden. Thank you all from the deepest part of my soul.