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Feb 21, 2022 - Feature of the Week

Congratulations, Wind!

Valentines Day, 14 February 2022, was a sweetheart moment in time for Shaw Shahriari, aka “Wind.” Why? Because he received his Kiado-Ryu Purple Belt ranking! So . . . a well-deserved CONGRATULATIONS to you, Wind!

Shaw “Wind” Shahriari: Purple Belt Test—14 February 2022

Shaw loves kata. He’s very good and if there were open (all comers) karate tournaments today his precise form would have won him many championships at the Orange and Purple Belt levels. He’s very powerful and meticulous in his execution. Wind heralds from another martial art system which has helped him in his rapid ascent up the KIA ladder.

Wind is also a 1st class soccer player and coach for his local team. He’s smart, quick, aggressive and skilled. His soccer expertise, experience, dedication and devotion have also made him an extremely good student of Kiado-Ryu Martial Arts. The man’s got great kicks—powerful, quick and bone-crushing. As he continues to grow and develop in karate, he will become a daunting adversary and certainly not someone to pick a fight with. Just take a look at his face in the photo above. Is that the face of a cowardly wall flower? Hardly. That’s the face of someone you want on your side in a combat situation.

Shaw performing Kiado-Ryu kata “Institute Form #1

After a rather difficult test, and having passed with flying colors, especially purple, Wind prepares for the usual Kiado-Ryu belt-ranking ceremony. Can you say, “Good bye Orange, hello Purple?”

Ceremonial rites concluded, Shaw poses with his Purple belt—the symbol of his karate success.

The KIA is proud of you, Wind. Congratulations again. But don’t get too cozy in your Purple belt. We’re looking forward to celebrating your Blue belt ranking sometime in this year of 2022!


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