Black Belt #21: Kurt Hoberg

How interesting is destiny. Kurt Hoberg met his wife, Rose Hoburg, through his mother, who was a student at the KIA, and, in fact, was a classmate of Rose’s and, to make the story more interesting, both were pictured kneeling side-by-side in a 1980s group class photo!

Rose and Raphael, KIA Black Belts whose numbers are 12 and 21. Coincidence? Does it really matter? They’re book ends, both alliteratively and numerally and wonderful assets to the Kiado-Ryu.

Raphael was the tall silent type, very kind and respectful but also very creative and a weapons aficionado. His specialty was the sai, a weapon used to counter the samurai’s sword. It’s a three-pronged fork, with the two outer prongs flared and used as trapping devices. Over the years Kurt gave KIA audiences many memorable moments as he delivered beautiful and graceful sai kata during his belt tests and public performances.

To this day, Kurt and Rose Hoberg remain the only husband and wife Kiado-Ryu Black Belts and we are grateful to have them in our system.