Black Belt #49: Mike Watson

Mike Watson got his nickname, Pooh, from the legendary Winnie the Pooh. But make no mistake, Pooh had nothing to do with his fighting style.

Mike was a big kid. He began his Kiado-Ryu experience as a teenager. For a big guy, he could move extremely well whether he was performing kata, fighting, or executing his 360 degree extemporaneous attack drills. His kata form was also clean and crisp. He had great hands and unnerving power. God forbid he ever impact a body with the fullness of his force!

Pooh was also very quiet and shy but extremely smart. A more conscientious young man you would never meet. It would also be difficult to find anyone with the kind of ethics and character Mike Watson had. Without question, he stands at the front of the class in this regard.

For all his power and capability, Mike Watson was never arrogant but always kind and humble. He never argued or sought to make a vain display of himself. Yet, he was one of the most talented and proficient martial artists ever to grace the floor of KIA.