Black Belt #41: Vince Weber

Vince “Sly” Weber was a one-of-a-kind human being, a truly great man who was taken from this world in his forties at an age and time of life which was totally unexpected. He was one of the most loved people at the KIA and in his community, a fact corroborated by the hundreds of admiring people at his memorial service.

Vince and his son, Jeffrey Weber, comprise one of the father/son Black Belt pairs at the Karate Institute of America. They received their First Dan ratings simultaneously on February 24, 1996, in a touching and memorable coronation ceremony.

Sly was an awesome martial artist. A precise and powerful forms performer, a feared and respected fighter, and fluid 360 defense drill artisan. His favorite fighting technique was an outside roundhouse kick which he used with extreme precision both offensively and defensively, toe-to-toe or heel-to-heel. There is not a KIA fighter from his generation who would not attest to being stung with Sly’s stinger outside roundhouse.

If you ever found yourself in a dark alley with your back against the wall and being accosted by a band of assailants, you would definitely want Vince Weber on your side. He was a tough, courageous man with a heart of gold, a heart that would never let you down or fail you; a man you could trust at your back. Why? Because Sly was devoted…to his family and his friends. He would be the last man on this earth to desert you in combat, and he would never let you die unless he died first. He was, truly, that kind of man.

Why does God take these great souls so early? Only He knows. Yet, he has passed, much to our sad loss. Vince “Sly” Weber was a true Kiado-Ryu legend, as much for his fighting ability as for his love, devotion, kindness, eternal positive attitude, and unflinching and ecstatic support of Mr. King, the Karate Institute of America and the Kiado-Ryu. He is survived by his lovely wife Alice, his son, Jeffrey, and daughter, Shylene. It is an understatement to say he will be missed.