Kiado-Ryu Karate

Welcome to the Karate Institute of America

Passages and Principles

Your life, your responsibility.

Preparation is the key to success.

The road to success is paved with failure.

There can be no excellence without effort.

Balance is primary.

Concentration is the first key.

Character must precede prowess.

Grown ups—own up.

Strength is the ability to endure.

Arrogance is the highest form of weakness;

Humility is the highest form of strength.

Doing it right is the right thing to do.

True power flows not shows.

Everything returns to center.

A Black Belt without humility is like a well without water.

Concentration coalesces.

Not to but through.

Peace at any price is not peace, it is slavery.

The essential thing is not excessive speed, it is perfect speed.

The way out is in.

Maximize the minimum.

Rank does not make the man. The man makes the rank.

Regarding rank, the KIA viewpoint is that all souls are the same.

We compete to test our skill, not expand our ego.

The gift of competition is not truth, it is experience.

No integrity, no substance.

Control is the mark of a master.

Character is more important than victory.

It is nothing to begin, it is everything to finish.

Need before greed.

Integrity before wealth.

Principle before pleasure.

To become everything you first must become nothing.

Progress is based on performance, not time in grade or money paid.

Diamonds are made under extreme heat and pressure over an extended period of time; not by a mere and casual blowing of an intermittent wind.

The KIA Way

Traditional Values

Innovative Ideas

Quality Without Compromise

Substance Before Symbol