Kiado-Ryu Karate

Black Belt #6: Bob "Grinder" Schreck

No student in KIA history exemplifies the word persistence more than Bob “Grinder” Schreck.

During the time of his undergraduate studies, Grinder, who was taking only private lessons, was going through some challenging personal times for about a year. He would arrive at his scheduled appointment time on time and then tell Mr. King he just wanted to go down to the far end of the studio, sit and be with his thoughts. This continued for some time. Yet, Grinder was still paying for his lessons. Mr. King asked him, “Grinder, why are you coming to your lesson but refusing to take it? Wouldn’t it be better to just take some time off and come back when things get better?”

“No,” said Grinder.

“Why?” asked Mr. King

“Because,” replied Grinder wisely, “this difficult time will pass and I want to preserve the habit of coming to the studio every week at my regularly scheduled appointment so I don’t break the continuity of my studies.”

How much wisdom is this in Grinder’s attitude!

Eight years of half hour private lessons each week it took Bob Schreck to achieve 1st Dan. Amazing! What discipline! What persistence! Now you know why his call sign is Grinder.