Kiado-Ryu Karate

Black Belt #24: Derek "D.B." Berg

Brent and Derek Berg were brothers. They began in the peewee class (consisting of 5 to 7 year olds), practiced diligently, and eventually grew into very competent competitive martial artists. They’re mentioned here on the same page because they were inseparable on the KIA path, testing together and succeeding together. Brent was the elder; Derek the younger.

Brent was the fighter; Derek the kata performer. Both excelled at their chosen specialties. As a fighter, Brent never flinched. He had excellent hands and a relentless attack. When Derek performed, he was a money man, turning on the light and the crowd with electrifying magnetism. In fact, the boys were so good they became members of the KIA competition team, touring major United States cities in 1993 on the NASKA circuit.

One cute story occurred during a KIA showcase. Brent and Derek were very young at the time and sitting in the front row. Mr. King was performing a bo (long staff) kata, attired in all-black costuming and wearing a silver and black mask. Derek was overheard whispering to his brother, “Are you scared. I’m scared.” It was a precious moment but then again, Brent and Derek were two of the cutest and most precious young martial artists during the 1980s. Their spirit and respectful manners were something many young people today would do well to emulate.