Kiado-Ryu Karate

Black Belt #7: Don "Quindar" Quinn

Don “Quindar” Quinn had a second nickname: Fortress. This should give some idea of his strength and power. The man was simply immovable.

Quindar’s strength of character was no more visible than in his test preparation for Black Belt. He set a standard of hard work that others would follow.

For example, as one part of his preparatory regimen, Quindar would do bag work, extending his time on the heavy bag (kicking, punching, striking) from five minutes, then to ten, fifteen, twenty, all the way to forty minutes at one time! Incredible. Of course, others were watching all along and marveling at his stamina and work ethic which set a mark for others to follow, which they did. And this he did in his forties! Quindar was, indeed, also the Fortress.