Kiado-Ryu Karate

Black Belt #13: Genny "Cougar" Edge

For years, Genny Edge watched her son, Jimmy, move through belt levels from white to second brown. Finally, when she was in her mid forties, the KIA ignition switch turned on and she began her own martial art journey.

Cougar established three KIA firsts. She was the first woman in her forties to begin and finish the Black Belt journey, an accomplishment culminating in her fiftieth year. She was the first mother to become a KIA Black Belt. Finally, she was the first parent to follow in the footsteps of her child. Unfortunately, Jimmy was unable to get to Black Belt, which underscores even more Cougar’s remarkable achievement.

Genny Edge was one of the stabilizing influences in the early days of the KIA. Her ability to support and encourage others was a great boon to those younger than she. After all, if a woman in her forties could start a strenuous karate regimen and get her Black Belt when in her fifties, what excuses could a younger person have? That’s right, none. Indeed, Genny “Cougar” Edge was not just an inspiration but an ignition switch for the successes of others!