Kiado-Ryu Karate

Black Belt #61: Jeff "Boa" Norman

Jeff “Boa” Norman has been a staunch supporter of the Karate Institute of America, its philosophy, purpose, ideology, and legacy. His extreme generosity has enabled the KIA, like the ancient phoenix that never dies, to survive as it traversed the fires of its own transformation, re-emerging into a landscape of unlimited service, potential and fertile horizons.

Boa is a perfect example of mind over matter, for his greatest attribute as a fighter and martial artist is his mind with its keen analytical ability, orientation toward perfection, and applied knowledge. He is a living example of how a well-trained, knowledgeable fighter will beat a typical jock any day. Knowledge is power, and Jeff Norman, through his sagacious mindset and unwavering determination, has slain many dragons, both internally and externally, thus illustrating the immense benefit of Kiado-Ryu training.

As a fighter, Boa as developed into a feared warrior. He’s strong, aggressive and … smart. His most potent weapon is the Stretch Nuck, which he executes to perfection even against fighters who know it’s coming. They just can’t stop it. His kicks are powerful and deadly. He’s the type of guy you definitely want on your side.

On the 28th of August, 2006, Jeff Norman was honored by Mr. King for his devotion and service to the KIA with a plaque inscribed:


Jeff “Boa” Norman

In gratitude for your support and generosity in furthering the legacy of the Karate Institute of America.

Richard King
Grandmaster, Kiado-Ryu
28 August 2006

Thank you, Boa. We are all extremely grateful for all you’ve done for us, the KIA, and our future!