Kiado-Ryu Karate

Black Belt #46: Liz "Quasar" Eckes Avram

Liz “Quasar” Eckes was one of the most graceful and beautiful forms performers during her studies at the Karate Institute of America. Now married (as Liz Avram), her long limbs and slender form gave her a grace of motion unique to kata demonstration.

Quasar was always a keen student with a desire to learn and succeed at everything she did. Forms, fighting, self-defense, weapons and showcase participation, Liz embraced it all.

Fighting-wise, her most successful techniques were a roundhouse kick that almost always found its way to her opponent’s heads and a back-knuckle. Quasar learned to use her reach well. To her credit, she never complained in fighting the guys at the studio. She’d go punch-for-punch, kick-for-kick with anyone at any time.

Until she married and moved out of the area, Quasar would always support the functions and Black Belt tests at the Karate Institute of America. In her time she was an integral fixture and a pleasant one to have around, especially in a place saturated with male energy. When she left, all were happy for her but sad in the loss of one so supportive of the KIA.