Kiado-Ryu Karate

Black Belt #34: Paul "Tron" Daniels

Paul “Tron” Daniels is, without a doubt, the most physically gifted Black Belt of the Kiado-Ryu. Jamaican by birth, Tron’s name is derived from the word electron, which directly references his speed and quickness. He could hit opponents with a back-knuckle before they realized what had happened. Truly, his exploits are legend at the KIA.

Here’s an unforgettable snapshot of hundreds that Tron thrilled KIA students with over the years. During a sparring match, he and his opponent were in a left toe-to-toe fighting position. Tron exploded in attack mode and for some reason his opponent stumbled and as he was falling to the floor, Tron, rather than crashing into him causing both to fall on the floor, placed his hands on his opponent’s back, did a full airborne somersault, and landed on his feet with the grace and stealth of a cat … all in the flash of a few seconds! It was an awesome display of instant thinking, lightning reflexes, and incredible coordination, truly a snapshot to remember for a lifetime. With Tron, this type of thing was more common than not. Simply said, some of Paul Daniel’s moves were, and still are, mesmerizing and electrifying, a thrill to watch.

As so many KIA martial artists, Paul Daniels came into his own during his second brown belt study period. He was a member of the KIA National Competition team in 1993 and went on to become a championship forms competitor. But, oh, those moments he gave us all. Amazing!