Kiado-Ryu Karate

Black Belt #39: Steve "Coyote" Vertun

Karate is life. The journey to a Kiado-Ryu Black Belt is long and arduous, demanding courage, toughness, persistence, determination, and a will to survive when all else fades into the sunset. Steve “Coyote” Vertun is the exemplary manifestation of these great character qualities, for his life, both in the dojo and out, has tested and reflected his incredible ability to overcome the heaviest and most painful of challenges.

Early in his karate career, Coyote overcame the immense transition of working for someone else to starting his own computer business. As president of his own company, Seque Corporation, he forged ahead to make it a success.

In 1993, Steve Vertun traveled on the NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association) circuit. After a year long season and competing in thirteen major United States cities, Coyote was crowned as the National Senior Adult Brown Belt Forms Champion. This was, needless to say, a challenge of immense proportions, demanding endless hours of practice, sweat, concentration, commitment, determination, and artistry; not to mention the expense of personal time, money, and family sacrifice. His 1993 National Kata Championship was a great achievement, both for himself and the Karate Institute of America.

Steve Vertun has proven himself to be a stellar individual with an unusual regard for ethics, hard work, devotion, and loyalty both on a personal and business level. It is this kind of immense strength and character that is a tribute to him, serving as a guiding light not just to Kiado-Ryu martial artists but all people the world over.