Kiado-Ryu Karate

Black Belt #43: Taka "Wadachild" Wada

Taka “Wadachild” Wada began his martial arts studies when he was five years old. He was slight of stature and one of the cutest little kids to ever wear a karate gi.

Taka was a real competitor right from the word go. Even though he was smaller than most of his classmates, you’d never know it by his intensity. His competitive nature often flared into bursts of a controlled, but here-I-am, temper.

When Taka got to be a teenager, his fighting talent was openly applauded by Mr. King, Mr. Weber, Mr. Benedict and others. Taka became such a good mover, he was nearly impossible to hit. His crossover back kick and side kick were his favorite weapons and he used them with lightning precision. He would draw his opponents into ambushes and delight in taking them apart. It was hard to beat him, even for adults, because he was so very quick, smart, intense, and aggressive.

Throughout the course of his training, Taka Wada became one of the very best fighters to emerge from the peewee class, then the junior class, finally exercising his talent in the adult ranks. He will always be remembered, not just as a cute little kid in a gi, but as one of the best fighters of the Karate Institute of America.