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Aug 21, 2017 - Feature of the Week

Feature of the Week: Terence Crawford Knockout of Julius Indongo

Perfect Form - Perfect Body Knockout!

Saturday night, 19 August 2017, Terence Crawford met Julius Indongo in the boxing ring to settle it all. Both were undefeated champions. Only one would prevail as still undefeated. That one was Terence Crawford.

It was 1:34 to 1:38 left in the 3rd round when Crawford ducked an Indongo left roundhouse punch and then counter-punched Indongo with a devastating left punch to the body, a knockout punch.

Most knockouts occur to the head in boxing. Not this punch. It was a perfectly formed and delivered blow. In the first photo (top left), Crawford rotates his hips from a balanced position to land a body blow to Indongo. Photo two (top right) shows Indongo going to the mat. Photo three (bottom) shows a reverse angle of the knockout punch to Indongo’s midsection, and that’s all she wrote!

Besides being delivered with perfect form, when one watches the knockout footage of the fight, it is obvious that Crawford “popped his punch.” It is this “popping action” which generates devastating power due to a change in momentum. “Popping punches” don’t allow the body time to absorb the blow by disbursing its power. This “Popping Action” of karate strikes is a fundamental teaching technique at the Karate Institute of America.

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