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Black Belt #53: Adam Tichy

Adam “Cobra” Tichy’s mom used to refer to her handsome son as a “chick magnet.” That’s how good looking he was, even as a junior high school kid. Blonde hair, fair skin, sparkling eyes, effervescent smile—you know the type. But…Adam was an extremely humble young man, an excellent big brother and role model.

Cobra may have been a “chick magnet,” but he was also an extremely gifted all around martial artist. He was a good forms performer, stealthy fighter, and excellent weapons aficionado. In his fighting regimen, he had a well-balanced repertoire of both kicks and hand strikes; offensive and defensive skills. He was quick and could strike his opponent in the blink of an eye, leaving him wondering what hit him. How else would he have the callsign, “Cobra?”

Perhaps Cobra’s best karate talent was his weapons work, the bo (or long staff) being his weapon of choice. During his upper-level brown and black belt tests, Adam’s weapon efficiency received much attention. He was crisp, exact but still fluid and powerful. Adam was fun to watch and he was, without a doubt, one of the best juniors ever to emerge from the junior ranks to become a solid and artistic Kiado-Ryu Black Belt.