Kiado-Ryu Karate

Black Belt #52: Thomas "Draco" Lindsey

His nickname is Draco but it could just as easily be Behemoth, or Goliath, or Colossus, or Titan. You get the picture. Thomas Lindsey is a mountain of a man: at 6-foot-7-inches and 350 pounds, the largest Black Belt in Kiado-Ryu history. Yet, Draco’s nickname could also be Teddy Bear, because he is as kind and tender-hearted as he is gigantic.

There are so many stories associated with Draco it would take a book to chronicle them all. Here are a couple.

One day Mr. King was sparring with Draco (only God knows why) and as Draco turned his hips to deliver a front kick, Mr. King shuffled back out of range … or so he thought! With eyes practically popping out of his head, Mr. King looked down and Draco, ever so softly, planted a well-controlled front kick on his instructor’s torso. That’s right, torso. Draco’s foot was so big his heel was on Mr. King’s karate belt while his toes were at Mr. King’s chin! In other words, Draco’s foot was as long as Mr. King’s entire upper body! Maybe Bigfoot would be an appropriate nickname for Thomas Lindsey? Yet, it is worthy of note that Draco’s control was so acute that Mr. King emerged unscathed. Lucky him!

And here’s a story illustrating how powerful Draco is. During a sparring match, Thomas was paired with another fighter who was 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds. The fighters were in a left toe-to-toe position. Draco’s opponent jumped high in the air in an attempt to execute a left backhand strike over Draco’s guard to his head. Without moving his body, Draco, using only his left arm, swiped his opponent right out of the air with a counter-clockwise arcing motion, dumping him on his back! What amazing strength! With only one arm and absolutely no other body or leg motion whatsoever, Thomas Lindsey dispatched this 195 pound fighter to the ground with one arm as if his opponent were a rag doll. Scary!

Draco’s profession as a computer programmer was also a great boon to the KIA and Mr. King. Thomas designed a numerology program that Mr. King used (and still uses) in his work as a professional numerologist. Thanks big guy (a.k.a., Draco, Behemoth, Bigfoot, Titan, Goliath, Colossus, etc.)! Your efforts and talents have always been greatly valued and appreciated.