Black Belt #44: Justin Brown

Justin “Great White” Brown and his two older twin sisters, Jenny and Laurie, followed the KIA trail at the same time, he in the juniors program; they in the adult program. His sisters went off to college to pursue teaching credentials and unfortunately never were able to complete their journey to Black Belt, but Justin, because of his age, did. He received his First Dan rating on August 9, 1996.

Justin was a solid all-around martial artist in forms, fighting and weapons. He had courage and was never daunted when fighting. Great white sharks, after all, are one of the most feared creatures on the planet: ferocious, deadly, conscienceless.

Of course, nicknames are not exactly accurate. Justin was a very likable, loving, sensitive, caring young man with excellent manners and upbringing. His sisters were a cut of the same cloth, very affable and supportive.

And it should be noted that although Justin had two older sisters, he was in no way a pampered kid. He had a soft heart and a courageous spirit. By the way, it takes more strength and discipline to have a soft heart than a harsh heart. Justin Brown had all the right stuff, and the KIA is proud to have had him and his sisters as wonderful members of the Kiado-Ryu family.