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Black Belt #29: Tim Huston

Most sons follow in their father’s footsteps. In a heart-warming rendition of this scenario, Dr. Tim “Chief” Huston followed in his son’s footsteps. Why? Chief’s son, Geoffrey Huston, began his karate experience before his father, achieving his Black Belt in 1993, one year before his dad.

This scenario is not unusual. Genny Edge started her journey when her son, Jimmy, was a brown belt. Phillip Sampson started before his father, Dave, and although Vince Weber and his son, Jeffrey, were coronated on the same day, Jeffrey started first. Mike Benedict watched his son, Greg, for years before he jumped in and joined the fun, bringing the total of father/son Kiado-Ryu Black Belt pairs to four in 2006.

Tim Huston was a linebacker in college and he brought the same intensity and focus to his martial art world, especially in sparring. He is a tenacious fighter with a keen mind and competitive spirit. Yet, Chief is as generous and loving as any man/father/doctor can be. He is constantly giving to the community as a true giver, never allowing anyone to know of his great gifts.

Dr. Huston is also an awesome writer and history buff. He can answer just about any question on the American Civil War. Hopefully, the world will one day benefit from his wonderful, precise, insightful and humorous literary talents, just as the KIA has benefited from his stellar character, generosity and energy.