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Jul 27, 2009 - Photo of the Week

Don't Fire Until You See the Whites of their Eyes!

“Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!”

It’s one of the most famous sayings originating from the American Revolutionary War. This famous order was delivered by Colonel William Prescott on June 17, 1775, to his colonial troops stationed just below the high ground of Bunker Hill on Breed’s Hill, which was located lower and closer to the water of Charleston Harbor so the attacking British troops could be engaged earlier.

The famous battle was the first of the American Revolution and is often referred to as the Battle of Bunker Hill. The colonialists lost the battle but their success fighting the British encouraged them to fight on. The Bunker Hill Monument is 221 feet tall. Visitors who make the climb of its 294 steps to the top are rewarded with breath-taking views of Boston (on a clear day). The stone steps leading to the top of the monument are rather large, so its recommended that if you decide to make the climb you practice lunges beforehand to condition yourself!