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Aug 29, 2016 - Photo of the Week

A Truly Inspirational KIA Heroine

With Sue Lansdon, Inspirational Heroine

With Sue Lansdon, Inspirational Heroine

We meet many people in our lives, but some remain friends forever. Too, some of our friends are truly inspirational. Sue Lansdon, who was an instrumental force in the early days of the Karate Institute of America, is one such person.

Before her destiny moved her in a different direction, Sue attained the rank of Green belt. She was also an integral part of the KIA Demonstration Team back in the early 80s.

Mr. King had the opportunity to reconnect with Sue. Such great stories were shared and, of course, updates on each of the families. Sue also shared that she is battling cancer. However, in telling her story there was no “poor me,” or “Sadie sad face.” Rather, she exhibited a sense of balance, strength, calmness and courage that is truly inspirational. She said she didn’t mind her story being shared, so read on and be impressed. These are her actual words …

“It was great seeing you this week. What a blessing to share memories with you!

“My journey is never a secret. The ups and downs are lessons for me and anyone who wants to use them may, so feel free to share whatever you feel will benefit others about the cancer.

“You mention that it is a ‘struggle,’ and I guess it seems like that sometimes but, truthfully, for the most part I don’t choose to focus on the struggle as much as the growth opportunities and blessings I get from what God gives me.

“You know the famous saying from Mother Theresa, ‘I know God won’t give me more than I can handle, I just wish he didn’t trust me so much.’

“Well, sometimes I feel that way, but when I do I stop and look at what I get from all that ’trust.’ This ‘cancer thing’ has brought my family closer together and made us all appreciate each other and our time together much more. People I haven’t seen in years are coming to visit me. People I didn’t think cared about me with more than just a ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ sent me flowers. People come to me on almost a daily basis and share stories of inspiration and healing, and I am getting flooded with good thoughts and prayers from all over the place. That’s just awesome!

“Cancer is just a name given to a process that is taking place in all of us. We are all here for a limited time. We are all going on to our next adventure at some point. Cancer is not going to take me, God is, and will do so in His time and in His way. I fully expect to be here for many more years! In the meantime, I will make the best of the time He gives me and do the best I can with what I have. I am blessed and I know it.”

Pretty amazing, huh? Thanks for the inspiration, Sue. You’re absolutely awesome! Our thoughts, prayers and blessings from all of us at the Karate Institute of America are with you as you conquer this challenge. We look forward to more great memories!