Kiado-Ryu Karate

May 15, 2017 - Photo of the Week

Last Week: One & Done. This Week: One & Dead

Sadly, this week’s feature reveals the power of one punch, one cowardly sucker punch which ended the life of a forty-five year old father of five children, Louie Campos.

The original story, written by Melissa MacBride:

A follow-up story by ABC News reports that the murderer, an ex-felon, has been arrested and awaits trial:

Two major lessons can be learned from this tragedy:

  1. A single punch can be lethal.
  2. Constant vigilance is critical, especially in today’s world. One can never drop his/her guard, ever. Each of us must live in a constant state of awareness. This has always been the philosophy of the KIA and the tragic murder of Louie Campos reiterates its sad but undeniable truth.

The Karate Institute of America sends its deepest sympathies to Mrs. Campos, their five children and the entire Campos family. RIP - Louie Campos. Be well, Campos family.