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Nov 20, 2017 - Feature of the Week

Feature of the Week: Helen Keller, Martial Artist and Warrior?

Helen Keller a martial artist and warrior? Not in today’s lexicon. However, Helen Keller is one of the greatest, strongest, most courageous, and accomplished fighters and warriors in world history.

At nineteen months of age, Keller was stricken with a disease leaving her both blind and deaf. Yet, she became a highly educated luminary of the human spirit, a truly shining example of what it is to struggle and triumph. A little online research will reveal her extraordinary life challenges, the intensity of which would dwarf many of today’s vaunted athletes and personalities.

The following Keller quotes (below) are powerful and apply to each of us as we traverse the difficulties of our own lives, and in many cases putting those difficulties in a more realistic and manageable light.

In guy terms, Helen Keller was an absolute stud, a warrior’s warrior. Read her book, The Story of My Life, and learn what it’s like to endure a day-by-day, hour-by-hour struggle for an entire life of, in her case, eighty seven years.

To underscore her global fame, Mark Twain stated that there were two people he wishes he could have met during his life. One was Napoleon; the other, Helen Keller.

These Helen Keller’s quotes are worth much attention and reflection, for if anyone understood adversity and how to overcome it, it is she. What a tribute and inspiration to humanity this brave, courageous, and vaunted woman was and continues to be. Unequivocally, Helen Keller is a supernal example of how one human being can turn infirmities into celebrations and celebrations into inspirations for all mankind.